In 1959, Sugar Land Texas became a city.


From humble beginnings as a sugar cane plantation, Sugar Land is now a beautiful, modern city of over 80,000 people.


In 1838, the area of present day Sugar Land was known as Oakland Plantation. They grew cotton, corn and sugar cane. After the Civil War and around 1879, Sugar Land grew up around the Oakland Plantation, now called the Ellis Plantation. In 1908, a partnership between the Ellis Plantation and neighboring Cunningham Plantation became known as Imperial Sugar Company.


Imperial was the name of the raw sugar refinery on the property, and the company town of Sugar Land grew up around the sugar mill. From 1910 to 1959, Sugar Land was virtually self-contained. The company provided housing for the workers, schools, hospitals, a general store, and other businesses that the workers may need.


Sugar Land became a cityin 1959, and over the years, has developed a diverse economic base, claiming the home offices of many major companies such as Schlumberger, Minute Maid and Imperial Sugar. It also has numerous major employers including Fluor, Methodist Hospital, Nalco, St Luke’s Hospital, Memorial Herman Hospital.


Sugar Land is largely a white collar, University Educated workforce mostly employed in Houston’s energy industries. With an average age of 37, for every 100 females age 18 and over, there are 91 males. The city is also racially diverse, with mostly white and Asian families, and no racial group has over 50% of the population.


In2007 Sugar Land was awarded the title of Americas Fittest City.


In 2006, Sugar Land was ranked 3 out of 100 for the best cities to live in the US.


In 2007 it was rated the 5th safest city of its size, and in 2010, the 10 safest city.


In 2000, Sugar Land was the fastest growing city in Texas.


The city looks clean and pretty, because most of the houses and buildings are new, but also because the community takes pride in keeping the city clean. With a Major Mall, a Town Square, numerous shopping centers and mini malls, Sugar Land is a Shoppers Paradise.


Most of the residential housing is in master planned communities that take advantage of the many natural and manmade lakes that flow from the Brazos River and Oyster Creek.


A new Minor League Baseball Team, The Sugar Land Skeeters, will open in a new 30 million dollar stadium in April of 2012.


On February 25, 2005, the singing group Sugarland visited the City of Sugar Land, and did a mini-concert on the steps of the brand new City Hall. Sugarland, an Americancountry music group, with lead singer–songwriterJennifer Nettles, sang, spoke and generally had a good time. She related a story to the audience gathered around the steps of City Hall about how the group came up with their name.


She said it was early in the band’s life, about in 2002 she thought, and they group was struggling with a name. They mulled over several suggestions, but one night they played a county fair. After the concert they went out into the crowd to shake hands and sign autographs. She met a young girl, and Jennifer said “Hi sweetie, where are you from?” The girl said…”I’m from Sugar Land Texas.”  “Sugar Land”…hmmmm, she thought. That has a nice sound to it. And the rest is history.


All in all, Sugar Land is a really sweet place to live!


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