Currently the 7th largest city in the United States, prior to 1731, San Antonio was primarily a military outpost, and the center of the Spanish Defense in Western Texas. It grew to be the largest settlement in Texas, and the capitol for the Spanish, and later the capital for Mexico.


In 1835, Texas captured San Antonio from Mexico, but soldiers under Santa Anna recaptured The San Antonio Mission, more commonly called “The Alamo” in 1836. All defenders in The Alamo were killed, and they were recognized as martyrs for Texas Independence. The cry “Remember The Alamo” became a rally cry in the Texas Army.


In 1845, Texas was annexed as a State, which led to the Mexican-American War. Texas eventually won the war, but it devastated San Antonio. In 1877 rail reached San Antonio, and the recovery began.


Early San Antonio flourished as a hub for the cattle industry. Today, San Antonio has a diverse economy in financial services, government, health care, tourism and the military.



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