In 1856, Dallas Texas was issued a town charter. In 1860, the town had a population of 678. In 1871 Dallas legally became a city. The civil war left Dallas unscathed.


In 1866 William and Andrew Ross came to Dallas. They were both land developers and farmers. In 1874 Dallas industry began to grow into a self-sustaining industrial city. In 1880 rail came to Dallas, and as the population grew, they began annexing smaller cities and towns around Dallas. They annexed East Dallas in 1890 and Oak Cliff in 1903.


In the late 19th and early 20thcentury, Dallas was a center of trade for farm products, and a leading manufacturer of saddler and cotton gin equipment. In 1905 they began a transformation from an agricultural center, to a center of banking, insurance, fashion retailing, etc.


From 1930 to 1945, despite the Great Depression, oil was discovered 100 miles to the east of Dallas in Kilgore Texas, which spawned an East Texas oil boom.


In 1958, Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments invented the integrated circuit, which encouraged technology and manufacturing. Also, about the same time developers Crow and Stemmons opened a home furnishings store that later became the Dallas Market Center.


Real-estate development boomed in the 70’s and 80’s. The recession of 1986 hit Dallas particularly hard, and the downtown area suffered the most. New construction almost completely stopped for 10 years.


But beginning in 1996, Dallas began to recover, and Dallas became known as the Texas Silicone Valley.



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